I invite you to breathe deeply of the Spirit’s presence in this place. <Pause>

The peace of Christ be with you all.

People:  And also with you.

Leader: Jesus said:

So you have sorrow now, but I will see you again and your hearts will rejoice,and no one will take your joy from you.

Our duty today is a solemn one, as we gather to commit the ashes/body of  <name> to her/his final resting place. We do so in sorrow; yet also in hope, for wherever two or more gather in Jesus’ name he is in our midst. Cemeteries have always been places of communion for the living and the dead.  In preparation for <name’s> burial, we share Holy Communion with one another; much as the early Christians did when they found themselves confronted by death; yet thankful for life.[1]

Exchange of Peace

As a sign of the peace of Christ that is with us even now let us share that peace with one another.

Communion Prayer

In the communion of Christ Jesus, let us pray.  In the beauty of this place, Gracious God, we celebrate your gift of creation, your eye for beauty, your taste for goodness, your fragrant presence, your tender touch, and your listening ear. We thank you, too, for your redeeming Word alive in Jesus of Nazareth. As savior and sacrament, brother and friend, Jesus reminds us of your generous love, your amazing grace, and your abiding presence.

As we gather in remembrance of his life, death, and resurrection, we call upon your Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with love and renewed purpose.  Bless now this bread and fruit of the vine, Holy One, that we might honor your power in our lives, as well as the spirit of each person here.

May _<name’s>____love for you that she/he so freely shared among us sustain us in all seasons, and encourage us to live faithfully and compassionately.  Filled full with the wonder of life itself, we consecrate our lives to your enduring hope. Amen.

The bread we break reminds us that we are one in the body of Christ.

The cup that we pour reminds us that we are a new creation in Christ.  We are forgiven and free, as is_<name>_____even now.

Eat drink and be nourished by your faith that you may begin life anew this day and share _<name’s>____legacy of love freely and joyfully.

Ministering to you in Jesus’ name, I invite you to receive these gifts by intinction.

<After all have received>

Let us pray together the Lord’s Prayer using the form most familiar to each of us.


Closing Prayer and Benediction

[1] Frank C. Senn, Christian Liturgy: Catholic and Evangelical (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1997), 166.