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(written for the Divine Imagination Event,  March 21, 2004 Woodland Hills, CA)

I am because God is!

God, the maker, builder, shaper, God, the poet, painter, artist,

God, the dreamer, dreamed a dream and called me forth,

Me, you, we, us, all of us together.

You and I were a gleam in the eye of God,

A hope in the heart and a whisper in the ear.

She felt us in her womb before we had a shape,

He took us in his hand before we had a body.

God, Divine Mystery, Miracle Worker

Wonder of Wonders, Gracemaker Extraordinaire,

Said, “I love you,” before I was.

Said, “I believe in you” before I believed in myself

Said, “Walk with me” before I could crawl,

Said, “You are because I am,”

Said, “I am because you are.”

God, that mysterious presence that lives in and through all things,

Even us, you and me,

Said, “Come! Come forth from my womb, my heart, my hope, my love.

Be my heart, my hope, my love, my truth… my playmate!

I want you to be.

I want you to be free… to be whole… to be light, …to be love.

So…Become love

Become grace

Become compassion

Become all that you can, because you can!

See, I set before you wide horizons and deep canyons,

I set before you majestic mountains and a big sky,

I give you possibilities unimagined;

And the gifts to imagine them.

I give all things to you not to have, but to hold, not to hide, but to cherish

I give you wisdom to know,

I give you knowing to share,

I give you words, and sighs, laughter and tears,

To express the inexpressible

To touch the mystery that has no boundaries, to be the mystery!


In the beginning I was, and will always be,

In the beginning we were together, whole and free,

big and beautiful…so it will always be.

Eternity is yours, you need not earn it. Grace is yours, too,

Abundant, and amazing, fragile and free,

Strong and sturdy, light and lively,

Wise and wondrous…all of it yours for the asking.

Take heart, then; my heart,

Full of courage, strength, loving kindness, and, yes, breathtaking forgiveness.

Weave from these a life, a tapestry of wonder;

But be not fooled. I design you for purpose not perfection

You cannot take a road where I will not be, you cannot find a place I have not been,

You cannot build a world too small for me to find you


Death may come, sorrows may haunt, and fear may batter,

but through it all, my embrace is unbreakable.

I will not leave you.   I cannot leave you.

Remember?   I am because you are.

And so the time has come.

You are ready, you can do this, I believe in you.

You are one with me and I with you.

You are one with each other, too.

You are not alone, nor will you be forgotten;

In the hollow of my heart there is a place for you, each of you,

A dream and a prayer, too.

Whatever happens, remember this:

You are not a mistake; you are not a lost cause,

You are not a regret…

A work of love, definitely

A work in progress, but of course.

A work of art?  You better believe it!