Some people spend a certain amount of every day honing their wordsmith skills. As much as Flannery O’Connor encouraged the practice of sitting for a couple of hours and seeing what shows up. I’ve never found this practice promising. Instead, I prefer a more whimsical and less regimented approach. Spur of the moment insights seem to do more for me that a daily slog. It certainly means I write less; and it doesn’t mean I hit a homerun every time!! What it means mostly is that I surprise myself with whatever comes. The writings that show up here may not be polished, but they will be true to the moment and true to who I am in the moment. So dear reader, if you find yourself here, welcome. I appreciate the company. I have been neglectful of this exercise for some time now. Hopefully, today’s effort at naming what I do, will become the gift that keeps on giving!

Afterword: Surprise, surprise! My last entry in November 2018 reflected a conversation I had at the World Parliament of Religions in Toronto in 2018. I came back from that event excited by and enthused with the fabulous diversity of thought I was exposed to in a short span of time. In December 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and began a 9-month regimen of chemotherapy, bilateral surgery and radiation. Today is definitely a turning point: stay tuned.