August 18, 2022  (Written in 15 minutes in response to the prompt: “Beware Rough Edges” during a Dare to Write Seminar online with other writers

How to walk back into that history I often wished had been a dream? How to sort the sadness’s, the fears, the depressive writing, the failed poetry? All of it promised to bring insight, perhaps, even hope. 

In truth, I haven’t always been able to cull the edges that once proved too cruel for my sensitive soul. I have a dear friend whose work involves supporting gifted and sensitive people. Apparently, it is a thing, an important and necessary thing for communities to thrive. 

Someone has to be able to see beyond phony facades, or feel the depth of another’s pain. Not for “the hell of it”, but to bring truth to the sadness of others: To listen deeply and mirror back the pain, so those who are hurting can begin to feel and in feeling take a step towards healing. One step and then another. 

I say this because in discovering I am one of those sensitives, I have learned to outlive the many rough edges that once undid me. 

“Beware those rough edges!” she laughed. Fortunately, I was free enough to laugh with her then walk into the garage ready to do battle. This time, thanks to her loving care, I knew I would return lighter and freer to see tomorrow with greater appreciation of who I have been. 
“Rough edges beware…here I come!”